Frequently Asked Questions

How many #10 envelopes to a press sheet?

11 x 17 - 1 up
17-1/2 x 23 - 3 up
19 x 25 - 4 up
23 x 35 - 6 up
25 x 38 - 8 up

We will provide electronic layouts in Adobe Illustrator file format.

Please call Prepress at (801) 972-1848 ext. 101 or email request to on all other sizes

How are Bleeds handled?

Up to 1/8" (+/- 1/16") variation can occur in both the cutting and the folding processes. For this reason, all bleeds must extend at least 1/8" onto the flap, sides, or bottom of the envelope, wherever bleeds occur in order to compensate. Call your sales representative if you have questions.

What weight of stock should be used?

On all commercial sizes such as #10's or #9's, use minimum weight of 60# text or offset. All 9x12 style catalog or booklet envelopes use a minimum weight of 70# text or offset. We can fold heavier stock, up to a maximum thickness of 8 thousands (cover, etc.)

What are Cutting Marks?

These marks are very important - please print them as shown on the layout we provide. Our cutter operator uses them to register the die.

Can various items be combined on the same press sheet?

Please print only 1 item to a sheet. Don't combine address or copy changes on the same sheet. In the cutting process, they cannot easily be kept together and therefore finished product would be mixed coming off the folder.

Can Letterhead and Envelopes be printed on the same press sheet?

We can give you a layout for this purpose. However, you must cut off letterhead before sending us the envelope for converting.

What is the turn-around time for converting?

Our goal is to complete the converting on the week after receiving your printed stock. If envelopes have a window, the time frame may vary. Please call ahead for a delivery schedule.

Can odd-sized envelopes be made?

We have over 100 envelope dies. We can usually find an acceptable size for your customer. New dies cost between $1000 to $2000, so contact us when you are designing a project. Sometimes adjusting your insert 1/2" or less will prevent an additional expense for dies.

Can large Catalog and Booklet Style envelopes have windows?

We can put windows in Booklet Style (open side) envelopes easier and more cost effective than Catalog Style (open end). Most machine inserting requires Booklet Style. In Salt Lake City, we make several sizes of booklet and catalog envelopes.

How are window dies handled?

Based on your needed specifications a window die is designed and created. Costs run between $200 and $350. The expected life of a window die is 3-4 runs. Meaning, each time a job is set up using your window die, the thin metal gets fatigued more and more until it becomes dull and unusable. Please be aware that you may need to purchase an additional die down the line if reordering special window envelopes.