Manufacturing Process

Step 1: Cutting

A small stack of paper (200- 500 sheets) is clamped together and is placed in a hydraulic press. The press forces a metal die through the paper creating die cut envelope blanks. The machine above can automatically cut, turn the die, and continue on with multiple cuts and turns according to a computer programmed layout. Pre-printed paper is die cut on a different, manual press and requires hand registration of the die in relationship to the printing.

Step 2: Folding

The die cut envelope blanks are fed into folding equipment which can flexo print, die cut window(s), apply window film, score, fold, glue seams, and apply flap gum all inline. We also have web equipment that is capable of converting envelopes from a roll. This machine is pictured at left.

Step 3: Printing

We print converted plain envelopes on our high speed Jet presses. We can print 2 colors, 2 sides in close registration. If the customer wants either a peel-n-seal or latex gum on the envelope, we apply this with separate equipment, after the envelope is printed.

Step 4: Delivery or Inventory Storage

Finished envelopes are either shipped immediately or put into our onsite warehouse for our storage and delivery service. Please ask a salesperson about this service.